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Rainbow Coast of Western Australia

Aussie Rainwater's Rainbow Coast water collection is derived from rainwater collected near Walpole, situated on the vibrant Rainbow Coast. 



It is called the Rainbow Coast because of the fast-moving weather fronts that buffet the coast from the south. This, combined with the sun being close to the northern horizon in winter, creates regular displays of rainbows in the south.

Natural Wonders

Stretching for over 150 kilometers along the South Coast of Western Australia, the Rainbow Coast stands as one of the nation's most picturesque coastal areas, offering a pristine natural haven. Within its boundaries lie breathtaking beaches for swimming and surfing, ancient forests, historic landmarks, towering cliffs, rugged ascents, serene bushwalking trails, cycling paths, idyllic inlets, waterways, and awe-inspiring sand dunes. This region truly offers a diverse range of natural wonders.


Great South West Edge

Located just a five-hour drive south of Western Australia's capital, Perth, the Rainbow Coast overlaps with the Southern Forests and is occasionally referred to as the Great South West Edge. It encompasses Albany City, home to 30,000 residents, Denmark Town, with a population of 5,000, and Walpole Town, where approximately 500 people reside.

Serene Retreat

The Rainbow Coast on Western Australia's South Coast provides a serene retreat into nature, serving as a sanctuary for the mind, body, and spirit. The atmosphere in this South West Australian haven is one of relaxation, and the locals are known for their welcoming and fun-loving nature. This remarkable part of the world is something that everyone should experience for themselves.

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